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About GHE

About GHE

Global Healing Exchange is a company devoted to teaching you how to live a healthy life. The Founder, Sharon White works one on one with her clients through her Your Personal Emotional Freedom Program. Her clients really want to transform their lives, heal their emotional issues and truly live the life they dream of. You can work with Sharon or you can work with some of her other health and wellbeing experts that will help you transform your life in other areas. We share this information in our weekly newsletters.


Through her coaching programs, Sharon helps her clients to become EMPOWERED. Her overall mission is to inspire people to have a healthy life, free from the bonds of their past which enables them to have more fun, health, happiness, see the possibilities before them and reveal their magnificence!

Company Overview

Global Healing Exchange is a company that is dedicated to empowering people to learn how to heal. Western society tells us to go to the doctor to take a pill, or go under the knife, but is there a better way?

Through holistic therapies, GHE has helped many people learn how to lead a healthier life and we believe that people want a place to come to where they can trust the treatments they are getting. We have top experts that can help you live the life you are dreaming of.

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