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The Technology Innovation of Hongxing Ball Mill Machine

When all the installation conforms to requirements, can the foundation bolt and spindle bearing bottom plate final irrigation. Lime grinding mill installation quality is good or bad, can guarantee the normal work of the cement mill is the key. Various types of Lime grinding mill installation method and sequence of roughly the same. To ensure that the ball can smoothly and reduce the harm to the structures, it must be installed in its weight 2.5 ~ 3 times of the reinforced concrete foundation. The foundation should play in solid soil, and plant foundation must have at least 40 ~ 50 mm distance.

As a result of ball mill machine the pulp surface low, aggregate, plus the lattice board ‘isolation’, one can use the higher dielectric filling rate,increase the weight of ball, and can be matched to the appropriate amount of balls, on the other hand the ball to be lifted to a certain height, relative low pulp surface, the ball has a larger the falling height, therefore, medium ball impact on strong, aggregate crushingeffect, good grinding effect.

The final installation of transmission of the parts ( small gear, uranium, coupling, reducer, motor, etc.). During the installation process, according to product technical standards for measurement and adjustment of. Check the gear radial swing and small gears meshing performance; and the small gear reducer concentric; and a motor and a speed reducer concentric.Because of its unique grid plate and a sector the interior of the bucket elevator, has realized the low level of forced discharging, has fineore particles can be discharged in time, already qualified particles not to stay too long in the ball mill pulverization phenomenon, so light,grinding speed, high efficiency.

Installation of Lime grinding mill, first of all should be installed in the main bearing. In order to avoid aggravating the hollow shaft shoulder and the bearing liner wear, two main bearing base plate of the elevation difference, in every meters length should not exceed 0.25 mm.

grinder mill:

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